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Administrative Services

  1. Entry of Appearance

    This is the Entry of Appearance form for the Buchanan County Circuit Court Municipal Division. If you have any questions, please call... More…

  2. Motion for Continuance

    This is the Motion for Continuance form for the Buchanan County Circuit Court Municipal Division. If you have any questions, please... More…

  3. Utility Billing Concern

    Please use this form to submit concerns regarding your utility (sewer) bill.

  1. Hotel Motel Gross Receipts Tax
  2. Test Form

    This is a test to upload some photos.

Building Development

  1. Commercial Construction Permit Application

    Required for all Commercial project submittals

City Clerk

  1. Sunshine Law Request Form

    The city of St. Joseph is dedicated to government transparency and compliance with Missouri’s Sunshine Law and the city’s Open Meetings... More…

  1. Volunteer Application

    Please fill out this application if are interested in serving on a board or commission.

Fire Department

  1. Safety Inspection Survey

    The St. Joseph Fire Department recently conducted an inspection to ensure your business is free from potential hazards to employees and... More…

Frederick Avenue Corridor Plan

  1. Frederick Avenue Survey

    A healthy city draws people together in the community. Citizen participation gives us all a stronger, united voice in civic life and... More…

Parks, Recreation & Civic Facilities

  1. Adopt-A-Park / Trail

    The Adopt-A-Park and Adopt-A-Parkway/Trail programs were initiated to protect and enhance St Joseph’s neighborhood parks and parkways.... More…


  1. Citizen Complaint Form
  2. Emergency Contact Information Update
  3. Online Crash Report
  4. Report Underage Drinking

    The St. Joseph Police Department is committed to reducing the sale/giving away of liquor to minors by businesses/homeowners.

  5. Reporting Suspicious Neighborhood Activity
  6. SJPD Online Crime Report
  7. Watch Residence/Business
  1. Commendation Form

    Positive comments about our employees are always appreciated. To maintain the integrity of our commendation system we request all... More…

  2. Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program
  3. Police Request
  4. Reporting Suspicious Narcotics Activity
  5. Ride Along
  6. SJPD Traffic Feedback

Public Works and Transportation

  1. St. Joseph Transit Customer Comment Form

    Direct Comments to St. Joseph Transit Michelle Schultz, Operations Manager 702 S. 5th St., St. Joseph MO 64501 816]233]6700 ... More…